Leading Strategically
Strategy and leadership are typically seen as distinct subjects, but they're actually intertwined. Without strategy, you can't lead effectively and without strong leadership you can't execute the strategy. This session will ground participants in the principles and processes of being a strategic leader, including:

1) How to think strategically - developing an advanced lens to view your business and world
2) How to develop adaptable, useable strategies quickly - building actionable plans for success that can shift with your ever-changing environment
3) How to implement strategies to drive results - recognizing preferred paths and overcoming obstacles
4) How to lead strategically - using vision and foresight to rally your employees for action
5) How to balance strategy, operations and tactics - know when to use which one and how to shift seamlessly between each
  • Ready-to-use, highly-researched content 
  • A highly-personalized experience centered around your strategic leadership profile and right-now strategic challenge
  • Heavy emphasis on practicing new techniques and skills so you're ready to apply them immediately back on the job
  • Support in the form of networks, coaching and on-the-job tools ensure your learning and application continues when you're back on the job
  • An accelerate strategic business simulator to test your new-found skills 
  • Suite of assessments gives you unparalleled insight into your strategic leadership skills and ways of thinking
  • Immediately and repeatedly useable toolbox of strategic methods, techniques, and tools to use on the job 
  • Executive coaching that cements learning and supports application for breakthrough business results

Participants are welcomed into the program with a package of relevant articles and videos to prime their thinking and introspection around strategy. They complete several quick, straightforward assessments to capture their strategic leadership style and leading strategy baseline. Direct reports, peers, superiors, and clients/customers complete a personalized assessment of the participant's leadership effectiveness based on critical behaviors proven essential for strategic success. Together, these assessments form the participant's strategic leadership profile. Participants also share their strategic leadership goals and goals for the program. They are given the task of taking a guided self-study of their strategic leadership and careers.


For four days, participants engage with highly-qualified facilitators in a dynamic, participant-focused learning environment.

Learning modules include: Thinking Strategically, Developing Best-in-Class Strategies, Implementing Strategy Effectively, Leading Strategically, Balancing the Strategic, Operational and Tactical

• Ready-to-apply, relevant content based on robust research that changes ways of thinking, builds strategic leader mindsets and skills, and supports leading strategy with your leadership style
• Experiential exercises, cases and simulations bring concepts to life
Our Rapid Strategic Accelerator simulates a half-year of strategy creation and implementation  in an afternoon-long simulated strategic leadership experience.
• Group work allows for real-time leadership roles
• Continual networking fosters lasting connections
• Personalized action plan for applying new knowledge and tools back at work on day one

• Receive robust individual feedback on your assessment results from one of our strategic leadership experts 
• Receive extensive strategic leadership expert-led and peer-to-peer leadership application throughout the whole program 
• Enjoy highly experiential and participant-focused learning interactions 
• Explore strategy through robust discussions and real-world-derived simulations 
• Experiment with new behaviors in a safe and supportive environment 
• Craft your personal strategic leadership development plan and on-the-job action plan 

Participants have continual access to program and post-program materials, as well as facilitators and other participants as resources for ensuring they're most effectively applying their learning on the job.

Ongoing support includes:

• An online portal with resources and support focused on your needs
• Access to eLearning resources to support your learning on the job including books, podcasts, articles and quick-reference checklists and tools
• 1 coaching session with one of our strategy-focused executive coaches
  • Think strategically - view your business and world through a new powerful lens
  • Develop adaptable, useable strategies quickly - plans that can be modified to handle your changing environment 
  • Implement strategies to drive results - recognize preferred paths and overcome obstacles
  • Lead strategically - use vision and foresight bring your employees onboard to implement and execute sustainably 
  • Balance strategy, operations and tactics - know when to use which one and how to shift seamlessly between each
  • Tackle real strategic situations your facing - build a focused action plan for your on-the-job strategic challenges and opportunities 
  • Understand how you lead strategically and your optimal strategic leadership style
How CL Changed Leaders to See and Act on the Big Picture
How CL Changed Leaders to See and Act on the Big Picture
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